Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where do you keep your doodling, creating, & sketching

I find myself making notes, drawing sketches, layouts and page titles all over the place. Scraps of paper I find around the house, the margins of agendas from meetings, on my church bulletin (sorry Tammi!). Then when I need my 'notes', I never have them handy. So, I decided to make my own Sketchbook. I had only used chipboard one other time and it was several years ago. For some reason naked chipboard has always intimidated me. Weird, I know. I had the perfect paper, which I had been hoarding. I know some of you out there are in the secret hoarding society too. {grin}

Some of my friends & family thought I was had fallen off the deep end when I showed this to them. They know I am OCD about organization, but thought I had taked it a little too far. I think not! I have used my sketchbook and totally {heart} it! A few weeks ago I even added some little tabbed dividers with these categories: page layouts, card designs, page titles and page ideas.
Here is my creation in various stages of completion.

Various supplies
Naked chipboard (Stampin' Up)

chipboard w/ paper applied with Modge Podge

Post a comment and let us know how you journal your papercrafting thoughts! I can't wait to hear from you!
aka, queenscrapalot

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Karen said...

This is so cute! Love the idea. So creative. Hope you are well! Tell your Mom "Hi!" haven't heard from her recently. Happy Crafting!