Friday, July 11, 2008

My Studio Makeover - More Organizing

Ok, so my goal after returning from vacation was to post once a week. Well, when I re-entered the 'real world' of work, laundry, taxi driver, get the picture...I haven't met my goal. Better late than never right??? I am only 13 days late with post....oh well, I least I am finally it to you. BTW, who are all of you that check out my blog??? Drop me a note so I can get to know you!!

Alright, here we go with my post.

I spent a rainy Saturday back in May organizing my stamps. I finally got up enough courage (yes, I sad that I have been 'afraid' to do this.) to 'bust up' all of my SU stamp sets. I have had multiple moments of anxiety attacks over this. Non-stampers or non-type a's look at me like I am a loon when I say this, but I know some of you out there know exactly what I am talking about. Ok, so I got myself 'pumped up', got started and called my BFF Amy to tell her that I took the leap. She couldn't belive it...she screamed "WHAT!!!" "OMG"!!!

This picture to the right is the cabinet that I stored all of stamp sets just a memory *GRIN*!!

I have to admit that I didn't totally lose my 'type-a-ism'. I came up with a process of sorts that will let me put the sets back together if I change my mind down the road. I basically copied the set and wrote the name of the set on the copy. I will put these in a file for safe keeping. My stomach just rolled as I was doing this and I felt so sick, sick, sick...and I don't think there is a cure! Let me know if you know of one! Ha!
Anywho, this picture is the *cough* beginning of the process. I All of the stamp sets piled on my desk. This isn't all of them, I did this in bunches. I carefully took each set apart and put it on the copier and the 'copy' button punched to create a pretty picture of the set. *SMILE*

Then, I lugged all the stamp sets back up to my studio...sigh...I sure got my workout in going up and down and up and down the stairs!!
After I finished all of the copying I just dove right in and started separating the sets into categories. I used obvious ones like alphabet, flowers, animals, etc. About half-way through I called my mom in for some help. I hit a wall and just couldn't decide on some of the categories. PLUS, I couldn't believe I was actually doing this!!!
The biggest problem I had/have is that the magority of my sets haven't been cut...gasp! Yes, this means they are ink virgins....double gasp!!!

Next on "My Studio".... Brush + paint + walls=painted walls!!


Jean Ann said...

You're off to a good start! The hard part is over. jal

Vickie said...

You go girl!!! I can hardly wait to see the after pic's!!!