Saturday, May 3, 2008

Yeah, right!!

You have probably been wondering if I really went to Hawaii right??? Well, I promise I did and here is proof. I FINALLY got my camera to cooperate and get my Hawaii pictures to download.

I went with my VBFF Amy. We have been friends since college and take a 'big girls' trip every year. Yep, you heard right...big girls. No kids, no husbands, no work!!! Our girls are 13 and 11. We try to do a nice trip with just them also, so they couldn't quite understand why they weren't making this one with us.

Enjoy the pics...I am going to go work on Beate's Weekend Challenge...yea!

Amy (left) and me (right) at her birthday dinner at Hy's Restaraunt. We are a little red from spending the entire day on the beach.

This is Wakiki Beach, where we spent a couple of days enjoying the sun and cool breeze.

Me on Pauluna Beach. The water here was SO clear it was unbelieveable. We stopped at a little local diner for lunch then headed back out in the convertable in search of the next beach,"Sandy Beach".

We provided comic relief the locals as we learned to snorkel, on our own mind you, here at Haunamu Bay a famous bay known for seeing all kinds of see life. Stayed tuned for the underwater pics we tried to take. Hee! Hee!

Beautiful Hawaiian children getting ready for the Luau.

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Karen said...

Love the pics. Can't wait to see them all! You are lucky dog! Also, love the bar-b-q card, too. Like you, I've been wanting to get my grill cooking as well. I love this season! See you soon! Toota-loo, Karen